Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What is it about October that is so special beyond the changing weather and fall foliage…? It is a time to reflect, remember and reeducate ourselves on the facts of breast cancer. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most everyone has been touched in some way by this disease, just look at the stats: Breast cancer accounts for nearly 1 in 3 cancers among U.S. women 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime An estimated 268,600 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in 2019 In 2019, breast cancer is […]

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Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the…

Birds Birds, some of the most sensitive creatures react to toxic chemicals in their environment. They are particularly sensitive to airborne gas emissions—even in small dosages. Some of the toxins that affect them are things we expose ourselves to daily. Birds are not supposed to be kept in or near kitchens because they can die when you cook with Teflon. When the nonstick cookware is overheated the excessive heat creates a gas emission and vapors that are released. When these vapors and gases are inhaled it can kill a bird (Commonly referred to as Teflon poisoning, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) intoxication). If […]

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Travel Tips for Perfect Skin


New adventures, visiting friends and family, relaxing self-care, retreats. Vacations are healing for our soul, bring us joy, and lift our spirits. While we all love to get away and indulge, travel can be harsh on skin because we often eat different foods, exercise less, or let other healthy routines slip. Give your skin an extra boost this summer with these travel tips. Here’s what you need to know for healthy skin head-to-toe, wherever you go.  

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Habits That Are Not Beneficial To Skin

good skin habits

Most of us tend to feel more confident when we feel good about our appearance. We strive to stay looking youthful and healthy. We’re bombarded with images of airbrushed actresses and models and fed advertisements for miracle products. We find ourselves searching for these secrets. habits Beauty is big business. I see this first hand every day. Recently, a client came into our spa looking for a microdermabrasion treatment because she heard it would “erase” her wrinkles and make her look younger. Customers often come into the store asking if we make a product with [the newest touted wonder ingredient] […]

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Are you a conscious beauty shopper?

earth conscience shopper

April 22 is Earth Day–a time to celebrate our planet and bring awareness to our impact on it. As consumer consciousness expands and evolves, conscious buying power forces industries to follow suit. But what does it mean to be a conscious beauty shopper? Purchasing a skincare or beauty product may seem like a beginning to the buyer. In reality, it’s a latter stage of a long chain of events that get products to market and each link in the chain has its own impact on the Earth in one way or another.

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Hydration Matters – 14 days to Perfectly Hydrated Skin


Dehydration increases the signs of aging, breaks down collagen, robs skin of vital nutrients, and reduces elasticity. Dehydration is a skin issue that affects up to 96% of our population. People often associate oil with hydrated skin, but this is only half of the issue. Your skin may be oily but still lack hydration from water, which affects its health and appearance. Having fluid between our cells is necessary for proper skin function. It both feeds the skin, carrying with it nutrients, vitamins and water vital to cellular function, as well as acts as a waste collector for the cells, […]

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The Amazing Skin Benefits of Sex

Benefits of Sex

Tousled hair, rosy cheeks, and a telltale glow. Does this combination sound familiar? The topic of sex is slowly coming out from under the sheets, being talked about more openly and studied in more depth. More and more research is showing the amazing benefits of sex for overall well-being—from mood elevation to physical fitness to heart health. But that’s not all. Sex also works wonders for your skin! When it comes to skin, this may be your fountain of youth. Why? Let’s talk about the birds and the bees:

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Detoxifying Skincare – Is My Skincare Really Toxic?

Toxic Skincare – What To Look Out For The world is hard enough to migrate without adding, “toxic skincare” to the list of concerns. We teach our children to trust their teachers, doctors while shying away from people they do not know. It is a complicated message to have both trust and skepticism and know where and when to draw the line.

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