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Sumbody's 360° perspective of skincare sets us apart. Making effective quality products that are truly natural takes the sum of many different qualities. All brands are "touting" the competitive edge from the farmer, the chemist, and the skin care expert, to the mother and the celebrity. Everyone claims his or her piece is the most valuable — but only Sumbody has the whole sum.


Our products are unique. Deborah formulates each and every one of them. Unlike other brands that are mostly stock formulas from various co-packers and/or chemists.


Deborah sources each and every ingredient we use. Quality makes a difference. Think of a fresh batch of warm cookies from the oven compared to a bag of store bought cookies.


Our products are problem-solution oriented. We formulate for results. Our active ingredients are in concentrated levels. Sumbody is all about transforming skin.

Skincare Expert

It is one thing to make a beautiful feeling product. It is another to be able to make a product that produces results. Deborah does both. Without seeing how skin reacts and understanding what skin needs you cannot get results.

Truly Natural

As the industry struggles to find a definition for what natural and/or organic are, and while consumers are grappling with what is it and who to believe, Deborah has emerged as the go to source for the answers. With everything from being the keynote speaker at The Society Of Cosmetic Chemists (speaking to the leading chemists in the industry on just what is truly natural), to consulting for some of the leading doctors looking for answers as to what is natural, and author of Look Great Live Green, Deborah is a leading expert in the field of natural cosmetics.

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