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Want to detox your skincare routine? Start with this ingredient.

Are plastics in skin care killing your healthy glow? It’s quite possible. Countless cosmetics are filled with chemicals known as “cones,” such as dimethicone or silicone. While cones aren’t the worst health offenders, they’re a nightmare for skin. They seal off pores, preventing your skin from breathing and functioning properly. Think of it like putting a sheet of plastic wrap over your face: suffocating! The cones trap skin’s oils, along with dirt and pollution, leading to clogged pores. They take skin congestion to the next level of dysfunction by making it much harder to clear and clean.

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10 Cosmetics and Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned with toxic chemicals in personal care products. We are in need of quality information to help us make informed decisions about our exposure to potentially harmful ingredients in our cosmetics and skincare products. We are entitled to avoid products that may be bad for our health and skin – but the cosmetics companies don’t always agree.

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