What We Don’t Use

Sum Information on Fillers

While many fillers are actually natural, we choose not to use them. Instead, we formulate for results, infusing our products with potent active ingredients that make a profound difference. Fillers dilute products. Our natural skincare is concentrated.

Sum Reasons to Ditch the Chemicals

Chemical-based skincare “solutions” are often detrimental and counter-productive to the skin issues you’re trying to solve. They can actually exacerbate what you’re trying to fix. Sumbody stays as close to nature as possible, so show your skin sumlove and kick the chemicals!

Sum Ingredients to Avoid

Over 10 years ago, Deborah included a Top 10 List of Ingredients to Avoid in her book, Look Great, Live Green; a list that is still relevant today. It will get you started on your journey to eliminating the ingredients that are your deal breakers – the journey to healthier cosmetics.