What is Natural?

Sum Look at Labels

Product labels say a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s all true. Buzzwords like “natural,” “eco-friendly,” “safe,” and “non-toxic” can instill us with confidence about what we’re buying and putting on our bodies, but don’t be fooled. Turn the bottles around and look at the ingredients lists on the labels. You will learn the truth.

Sum Insights on “Natural”

We care about the sum of the ingredients you use. Are they harmful to you or the planet? A widespread misconception is that natural ingredients are always good, and that synthetics are always bad, however, this isn’t always the case. Some natural ingredients are caustic, while some synthetics are benign. We strive to make handmade skincare products that are 100% kind to your body and to the Earth. It’s that simple.

Sum Scents-Sense

We are scent-shy and have been from the beginning. Scents in cosmetics can be irritating, and even highly damaging. Synthetic fragrances are certainly worse than essential oils, but be aware that essential oils are far from non-toxic. We scent our products to meet our customer demands, but never scent face care unless it’s part of the “active” component. While we do use essential oils, the key is how often and how much. Used responsibly and in moderation, they are among nature’s most powerful medicines.

Sum Reasons Why Natural Is as Effective

Many people claim to have “tried everything on Earth” for their skin. We ask, “Have you tried the Earth itself?” Using elements such as clay, charcoal, sea salt and honey brings out the best in your skin.

Nature is a force to be reckoned with, providing everything we need for skin health. Through our handmade skincare, small-batch manufacturing, and focus on pure ingredients, we have harnessed nature’s power in every product.