Wipe Out Face Pads


50 pads.

Wipe out breakouts! Pore-clogging dirt and excessive oil production can lead to increased breakouts. It’s important to cleanse your face on a regular basis, especially if you’re prone to blemishes. These pre-moistened pads are an easy, on-the-go toner and quick “face wash.” Keep them in your gym bag, purse, and car. Specially formulated with a powerful blend of botanicals to keep pores clean and combat blemish-causing bacteria.

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Why You Need It

It is important to keep your face clean, without stripping your skin of all of its moisture and changing its pH. Toner is an often over looked part of skin care routines, but it is important for total skin health. Toners balance your skin’s pH and deposit actives into pores after your cleanser has removed the buildup. Toners can also get the last traces of buildup that the cleanser did not. Our duel use pads are not only the perfect toner, they are also a convenient face wash after workouts, on trips, for a mid-day pick me up and on the go.

Ingredient Highlight

Witch Hazel, Organic Grape Alcohol, Tinctures of: Rooibos, Burdock, Red Clover, Licorice Root, Plantain, Usnea, Dandelion, Neem, Essential Oils of Lavender, and Tea Tree.

How To Use

Massage onto skin with gentle, upward circular motions.

Sum Results

  • Anyone experiencing breakouts
  • Anyone needing an on-the-go toner/wash