Unscented Body Powder


3.8 oz/ 108 g

Our silky soft, all-natural, talc-free and cornstarch free formula won’t clog pores, is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and keeps you fresh all day. 100% pure goodness, Sumbody’s all-natural body powder is made from Arrowroot to absorb excess moisture and odors and keep skin oh so silky, soft, and smooth.

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Why You Need It

Moisture and sweat accumulate in many areas causing irritation, redness, and rashes. Body powder absorbs excess moisture before it has a chance. Many powders are made with talc, a known carcinogen, or cornstarch, which can increase irritation because it is a natural sugar that feeds bacteria and yeast, aggravating, and even causing rashes, especially in moist areas. Our powders are made with 100% pure arrowroot that not only keeps you dry and fresh, it glides on and feels like heaven on skin.

Ingredient Highlight

Arrowroot powder is a natural astringent and pulls excess moisture from the skin. It is safe and gentle with none of the potentially harmful side effects found in common talcum powder.

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Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder.

How To Use

Perfect for after shower, shoes, panties, underarms… The uses are endless! Even sprinkle in your car or in your trash can to remove odors and refresh.

Sum Results

  • Silky, soft skin
  • Fresh, dry skin
  • Odor-free