Six Scents Surrender


0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml

This scent reconnects you with your authentic self, releases you from your conscious mind and opens you up to honest and pure self-discovery. Give in, allow, succumb. Remember what clarity and expansion feel like.

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Why You Need It

This constitutional boost is not a short-term fix, but a long-term capitulation supporter. Holding onto the past congests our mental state and prevents us from moving forward. This state of denial and avoidance inhibits our ability to work on our deeper issues and connect with our authentic self and limits or ability to see, grow, and change. Going “in” to work on ourselves isn’t always fun or easy. This connection to our soul releases us from our conscious mind and opens us up to honest and pure self discovery. It moves and expands us beyond our often limited and skewed daily perspective. This letting go and broadening allows us to reach our full potential.

Ingredient Highlight

Sum essential oil blends are a combination of essential oils chosen for their specific and unique abilities.

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Sum essential oil blends

How To Use

Waft under nose for a mood boost or use with a diffuser.

Sum Results

  • Release
  • Relinquish
  • Let go