Six Scents Receive


0.13 fl oz/3.7 ml

This scent opens you to receiving and accepting what others have to give. Accept, flow, fulfill. Remember what balance and harmony feel like.

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Why You Need It

This constitutional boost is not a short-term fix, but a long-term insight augmenter. Why are we so good at giving, but not receiving? Emotional health is about balance. Too much of anything will make the other parts of us suffer. Always giving and never accepting limits our full human potential and interrupts life’s natural current. When we give beyond our means, we take from ourselves. We also deprive others of the opportunity to give to us. Clarity and joy happen when we are not taxing ourselves in either direction, but maintaining a balance between giving and receiving. When we achieve this equilibrium, our lives run more smoothly. It may seem generous and loving to be the ultimate giver, but this is not living in the flow, which creates a disparity. Try allowing yourself to receive and see how things shift. Receiving also makes you a better giver.

Ingredient Highlight

Sum essential oil blends are a combination of essential oils chosen for their specific and unique abilities.

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Sum essential oil blend

How To Use

Waft under nose for a mood boost or use with a diffuser.

Sum Results

  • Accept
  • Flow
  • Fulfill