Mustard Bath Salts


Net Wt. 12.1 oz/344 g

Soak your woes away. This purifying blend of mustard, rock, and Pacific sea salts gets blood flowing so you can soak up the minerals to detoxify, relieve muscle tension and decongest. Mustard is a traditional remedy used for colds, stress, fever, congestion, and fatigued and achy muscles. We’re not ones to argue with tradition so we say pass the mustard, have a soak, and reap the benefits. Happy soaking.

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Why You Need It

Bathing is an age-old ritual that calms, soothes, centers, relaxes, and gives us a moment to be whisked away. Bringing ritual into our daily life is a powerful way to stop, reassess, and redefine. The fast-paced modern lifestyle has made time to ourselves and for letting go a luxury. At Sumbody, we believe self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. We want to support you in this process of self-care by providing superior soaks that enable and entice you to “take a break”. Have a timeout with Sumbody and come back refreshed, restored, repowered, and renewed.


Ingredient Highlight

Solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt helps to cleanse, balance oil production, and combat bacteria.
Mustard is a traditional remedy used for colds, stress, fatigued and achy muscles, fever, and congestion.
Baking Soda leaves skin silky with reduced visible signs of irritation, leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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Sodium chloride (solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt), sodium chloride (rock salt), sodium bicarbonate, Brassica alba (mustard) seed powder, sum natural scent blend

How To Use

Mix 4-5 tablespoons salt into your bath water.

Sum Results

  • Centered, calm, and restored you
  • Soft, smooth, and silky skin
  • Refreshed, renewed, reenergized