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Manna Shower Mask


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Small: 0.5oz jar
Large: 4oz jar

(mah-na) 1. Any food for mind or spirit that is miraculously given.

This age-defying blend of solar-evaporated Pacific sea salt, hydrating honey, essential-fatty-acid-rich avocado, and antioxidizing green tea can be used as a cleanser or scrub. This nectar of the skin-gods will nourish your skin for an amazingly clear and youthful glow.

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How To Use

Use as a daily facial scrub or shower mask. Massage gently with your index and middle fingers, using soft, upward circular motions to spread the mask all over your face. Use sparingly above your eyes as mask may drip. Next, rinse with warm water or leave on during your shower, then rinse off before getting out.


Honey, Pacific Sea Salt, Pistachio Oil, Safflower Oil, Colloidal Oats, Avocado Oil, St. John`s Wort, Green Tea, Bee Pollen.