Dew Me Facial Mist (Early Prevention)


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Proper hydration is crucial to skin health. Lemon Verbena clarifies skin, tightens pores, and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. Make sure your skin is happy and hydrated with this 100% pure hydrosol blend.

How to use: Drink lots of water and Dew yourself often. Spritz away morning, noon and night! Can be used as an on-the-go toner as well.


100% Lemon Verbena Hydrosol.

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This on-the-go spritzer of hydrating actives keeps your skin healthy and clear.

  • Anyone
  • Everyone, for a hydrating pick-me-up

Hydration – different from moisture – is crucial to skin health and proper pore function. This easy-to-carry spritzer will ensure that your skin always maintains both. With quick, easy delivery of actives where (and whenever) you need them most, make sure to Dew yourself often!

Hydrosols are the steam collected from making essential oils, resulting in a product that is an effective yet gentle form of skin hydration. Many companies will sell “floral waters” made from distilled water with essential oils added, but this is very different from a true hydrosol.

Lemon Verbena clarifies the skin, reducing pore size and improving texture. With a pH similar to our own, it offers neutral, soothing hydration as well as natural anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. Witch hazel distillate, a potent antioxidant, reduces redness and irritation, and as a natural astringent, will help tighten skin tissue, blocking pollutants from absorption. It is also a natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging active, good for all skin types. Avoid commercial witch hazel, as it contains up to 70% alcohol.


  • Lemon Verbena hydrosol
  • Hydrated, clarified skin – anytime!
  • Improved skin health
  • Reduced pore size
  • Improved texture


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