Raising The Bar

We love our body washes and scrubs as much as you do, but sumtimes, all we really need is a good, old fashioned bar of soap. Sized to fit the palm of your hand, our all natural, farm-fresh face and body soaps deliver a luscious lather and leave nothing behind but hydrated, balanced skin. 

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Sumbody Dove Neutrogena Aveeno
Free of
synthetic dyes
Yes No No No
Free of
synthetic detergents
Yes No No No
Free of
synthetic fragrance
Yes Sometimes Sometimes Sometimes
Ingredients safe
enough to eat
Yes No No No

Sum Rave Reviews

Goats in the
Avocado Natural Soap

Goats in the Avocado Natural Soap Nothing compares in quality, value, scent, convenience, or results. I love the silky smooth feeling and comforting scent. I have fairly sensitive, maturing (40+), combination skin and am prone to breakouts. It leaves my skin feeling clean but never stripped or dry.

~ Melissa

Coconut & Cream
Natural Soap

Love this soap! It’s smells sooo good. And it’s so creamy, easy to lather into a fluffy foam. Leaves incredible feeling on my skin, very soft and smooth.

~ Anna

Milky Rich Natural Soap

I have sensitive skin that can easily become dry. I bought 2 bars of this soap, and my skin feels better than it has in years. In the past, I used facial products allegedly made for sensitive skin, but they still tended to make my skin feel tight & dry. This soap cleanses gently, smells great, and leaves my face feeling soft and fresh. Great product!

~ Janet