Detoxing Our Skin

We are all constantly exposed to toxins – be they from environmental pollution, chemical products we apply to our skin, sun exposure, eating processed foods, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. While these things can wreak havoc on our bodies, the damage is two-fold to our skin. With constant exposure to so many skin-damaging factors, it is important to purge your pores and truly clean your skin a minimum of once a year, depending on your lifestyle.

Toxin and other pollutant damage enlarges our pores and accelerates the aging process to an extreme. They add to our skin becoming dull, irritated, ruddy, blemished, and weepy. Our skin is our largest organ and serves as a protective barrier for our entire body. As such, it is important to detoxify our skin periodically to improve our overall health and appearance.

Our detoxing skincare line is full of ingredients that will attract and adhere to toxins in our skin in order to expel them, cleanse pores, and restore proper skin function, which is vital to maintaining healthy skin. Skin that has been purged of its toxins will be brighter and more youthful, not weepy or full of blemishes like unhealthy skin can be. Your skin will look and feel clearer, cleaner, toned, and more vibrant. Our detoxing line will ensure that any actives are absorbed more deeply and used more efficiently, resulting in skin that is detoxified at its core.