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Travel Tips for Perfect Skin


New adventures, visiting friends and family, relaxing self-care, retreats. Vacations are healing for our soul, bring us joy, and lift our spirits. While we all love to get away and indulge, travel can be harsh on skin because we often eat different foods, exercise less, or let other healthy routines slip. Give your skin an extra boost this summer with these travel tips. Here’s what you need to know for healthy skin head-to-toe, wherever you go.  

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Hydration Matters – 14 days to Perfectly Hydrated Skin


Dehydration increases the signs of aging, breaks down collagen, robs skin of vital nutrients, and reduces elasticity. Dehydration is a skin issue that affects up to 96% of our population. People often associate oil with hydrated skin, but this is only half of the issue. Your skin may be oily but still lack hydration from water, which affects its health and appearance. Having fluid between our cells is necessary for proper skin function. It both feeds the skin, carrying with it nutrients, vitamins and water vital to cellular function, as well as acts as a waste collector for the cells, […]

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The Amazing Skin Benefits of Sex

Benefits of Sex

Tousled hair, rosy cheeks, and a telltale glow. Does this combination sound familiar? The topic of sex is slowly coming out from under the sheets, being talked about more openly and studied in more depth. More and more research is showing the amazing benefits of sex for overall well-being—from mood elevation to physical fitness to heart health. But that’s not all. Sex also works wonders for your skin! When it comes to skin, this may be your fountain of youth. Why? Let’s talk about the birds and the bees:

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Stress-free Holiday Skin

skin care

Stress + skin = disaster. While there’s been a good amount of research on how stress affects our overall health, there’s less talk about how it impacts skin. Even if you can’t see the effects, like a breakout, it causes dehydration, which is damaging to skin. Unmanaged stress can lead to health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and skin issues such as blemishes, redness, excessive dryness, and acne.

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How to keep your skin happy and healthy throughout the summer

The weather affects us in so many ways. When it shifts, so do our habits, often without us even realizing. The changing seasons also influences our mood, which determines what we do, what we eat, and where we go. Our physical activity levels can ebb and flow with the weather. Warmer weather lures us to exercise outdoors, while colder weather pushes us to the gym. Our cravings vary and supermarkets and restaurants offer different seasonal foods, so dietary changes are inevitable. During the summer, it’s important to recognize all the ways it can impact your skin–from breakouts to wrinkles–and your […]

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Did Mother Nature Make That?

Which ingredients are best for your skin? This is a hot topic. Companies spend a lot of time, money, and resources enticing consumers to buy products containing newly discovered “miracle” ingredients. Truth be told, Mother Nature has all the ingredients we need and looking to the earth itself can often solve our skin issues. It’s important, however, to stay mindful of the whole picture. Many companies advertise the wonders of a single ingredient, neglecting to mention what else is in the bottle. For example, a product may contain turmeric, natural alpha hydroxy acids, green tea, pure clays, or a number […]

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Spice Up Your Skincare

The old adage, “You are what you eat,” is spot-on. What you ingest has an effect on your external body as well. This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining beautiful skin. You can be using the purest, finest products in your skincare routine, but if your diet doesn’t align, your skin only has half of what it needs. It’s fed from the inside out.

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Fall In Self Love This Valentine’s Day

Despite the frequent mocking of Hallmark holidays such as Valentine’s Day, I believe they still hold value. They provide us a chance to step back from our busy lives and recognize the important people around us. Of course, we should share our love and be kind every day, but sometimes we need a nudge to show our feelings and to go above and beyond. While Valentine’s Day centers around expressing our love to others, I believe it can also prompt us to practice some self love and care. In our full and fast-paced lives, taking “me time” can fall to the […]

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