Happy Customers

I absolutely love how clean and natural all of the products are! As a warrior of celiac disease, I pay extra attention to every ingredient and I’m so thankful for the Detox line as well as all the bath salts and milks! These products keep me glowing inside and out!

Allyson Seals – Alameda, CA

If I’m sore from training or rehearsing, I grab Handheld Heat Muscle Balm by Sumbody, which is great for when you have a stress knot. You just put it on it heats up.

Selena Gomez – Singer and Actress

My skin was a complete nightmare while I was pregnant. I would dread getting up and looking the mirror each morning. It was a terrible time for me, between the hormonal changes and the cystic acne. After seeing two dermatologists and feeling defeated, I started using Sumbody products twice a day. Within just a few weeks, I noticed a drastic improvement in the blemishes, red spots, and overall skin discoloration. Sumbody has made ALL the difference and I’m so thankful for the smooth, blemish-free skin!

Dr. Dana Bonaminio – Nashville, TN

I work in Hollywood and with all the lights, good skin is a must. The Eye of the Storm Eye Gel is my ultimate favorite. I use it religiously to keep my eyes looking awake on camera and on the red carpet while interviewing celebrities!

Jennifer Tapiero, Host, Actress, Producer – Los Angeles, CA

I have been using Sumbody products for a few years now. My favorite product is the Tuscan Orange Sugar Scrub. I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate it at all. I love how smooth it makes my skin.

Chelsea Walters – Middletown, PA

Sumbody’s Rebel Face Serum is my go-to product for getting rid of acne marks. And if you’re thinking but Avi never has marks, well now you know why!

Avi – New York, New York

The Wholesum Bath Milk has been an amazing find for me. I have psoriasis and living in Colorado is very hard on my skin. It is such a soothing treat for my parched skin and I love the scent.

Kay Ryan – Woodland Park, CO

I wish you could hear every time a client raves about your products. Your product line is the best I’ve ever used and it gives me so much confidence in what I’m doing for them.

Tracy Merriken, Esthetician, Sädé Spa – Santa Rosa, CA

I bought some Milky Rich soap and have been in love ever since! It makes my skin so super soft and I love the scent. I also got hooked on the Goats in the Mustard soap, so those are my go-to’s. I fell in love with the line so much that I get it shipped to me in New Orleans so I can continue to use it!

Sherry Green – Metairie, LA

Deborah has been making custom products for me for years and I have absolutely loved the results. Natural Beauty Skin Care is an extraordinary resource for people who want to achieve the same results at home.

Kyra Sedgwick, Actress and Producer

My favorite Sumbody product is the Milky Rich Sugar Scrub. With the large size I don’t run out and it keeps my skin smooth without scratching it. I can’t live without it!

Jennifer Sheehan – Bethpage, NY

Sumbody is fabulous. I just recommended your shampoo and conditioner to someone and recently bought a Stress Zapper for my best friend to give to her on her wedding day and it made a big difference.

Siobhan O’Connor, Author of “No More Dirty Looks”

My favorite product from Sumbody has is the Save Me, Honey Shower Mask. It ‘s the only product that actually clears up my pimples overnight. If I get the feeling a pimple is starting I just apply a little bit of the mask and leave it on over night and it stops it in its tracks! It has improved my skin so much. I’ve used it with the Rebel Serum and that has helped with my old acne scars. The two products together have made my skin better than I ever thought it could!

Emma Jukes – Mentor, OH

The older I get, the more important it has been to treat my skin and hair right. I have tried so many “natural” products to no avail and have finally found Sumbody as the beauty company that comprehensively offers natural products. I love your face and body soaps, as well as your face masks. I intend on moving onto your hair products for normal to dry hair in the next couple of weeks, along with Early Prevention face products. So happy to have a local beauty company that I feel good patronizing!

Jennie Payne – Napa, CA

I have been using the Eye of the Storm Eye Gel and the Bright-Eyed Eye Serum for the past few months and am loving the results! Having a new baby, a preschooler and a full-time job, my under eye puffiness and dark circles were BAD. These products have refreshed my eyes and, I’d like to think, my youthful glow.

Kallie Benes – Houston, TX

I use and love the sugar scrub in the Tuscan Orange scent. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and is not overly abrasive. Good for redheads with sensitive skin. I also love the Milky Rich Salt Scrub, which I have even used on my face with no problems. The scrubs always have plenty of essential oils in them and they smell so good!

Tracey Ledbetter – Alameda, CA

I absolutely love all of the Sumbody products I have tried over the years, but I have to say that my favorite is Sumbody’s salt scrub. I was first introduced to this amazing scrub while living in Santa Barbara, CA over 10 years ago! After moving to the Midwest for work, I searched for similar scrubs. There is no match; nothing even comes close!

Erin Blocker, M.S. – Emporia, Kansas

I love the Milky Rich Soap because it smells really good.

Mia Cadman (Age 6) – Vancouver, BC

I started out buying ABC Detox bath salts whenever I was in the Bay Area. I loved the product so much that I had to have it year-round! Now I order the jumbo size online. There is no other bath salt like it – one soak in the tub and I feel like all my impurities have been removed. I love how it smells and, most importantly, I love knowing that it’s all natural!

Nicole Crouch – Simi Valley, CA

This is long overdue, but really there are no words to describe your products, but I will try to give it my best. My sister-in-law introduced me to the store in Alameda 6 years ago. I replaced all my Dior and Shesiedo products with Sumbody. Everything from face washes, anti-wrinkle, serums, face cream, powder, eye makeups and body washes/soaps. I’m all Sumbody now and love it. My favorite product is the Early Prevention C Serum, it’s light, aromatic and has made my skin soft and really helps absorb my face cream. Others have commented on how different my skin looks since switching to Sumbody. Thank you Sumbody for creating such amazing products!

Wahida Shirgul – Alameda, CA

I discovered Sumbody at a spa in Napa about 8 years ago. I had my first ever facial, and the technician used Sumbody products. I came away with glowing skin, and was a Sumbody convert. I have been purchasing the Milky Rich Face Cleanser and Full Infusion Face Serum ever since (which takes some effort since I live on the east coast). I am an airline pilot, and used to struggle with super dry skin that broke out after using drug store and/or department store products. Now, on my Sumbody regimen, my skin is radiant, smooth and clear, even as I get older. Even my dermatologist was impressed with the ingredient lists. Many thanks to the folks at Sumbody for creating these products. I look forward to visiting the new website soon to place an order for my favorite skincare.

Katie Sullivan – Boston, MA

My favorite product from Sumbody is the Coconut and Cream Salt Scrub! Truly exfoliates my skin at 74!

Lucy Moon-Shoulders – Long Beach, CA

I am obsessed with the Rehydrating Line. My skin tends to be on the dry side and this line from cleanser to moisturizer, and everything in between, is a must for me! My skin has never looked so good. I even stopped wearing any foundation or powder on my face. Thank you Sumbody!

Lisa Medeiros – San Leandro, CA

I absolutely love Sumbody! There is one specific product that I honestly treat like a magic potion, not even joking haha. Every single time I go into your store to buy it, I tell the employees how much I love this product and how obsessed I am with it. That product is your Insomnia Zapper. I honestly can not even express how amazing it is! Although I do not have prescribed insomnia, I always have so much energy all the time that it is so hard for me to calm down and just sleep! But this insomnia zapper is like magic! As soon as I put it on my temples and under my nose, I honestly have the most amazing deep sleep, while falling asleep so fast! I use it every single night and it knocks me out.

Trixie Klein – Alameda, CA

I have been looking for something natural for my face and I found Deborah’s book Look Great, Live Green at our local library. I started using Sumbody’s Detox line, then Early Prevention and finally, the Age-Defying products. My favorite is the A-Z Face Cream. It’s light, non-greasy and leaves my skin smooth and soft when I wake up the next morning.

Jeritz Carandang – Lake Stevens, WA

Thank you so much for your products. I have been looking for natural facial and body products for my irritatingly sensitive skin. I have had eczema my whole life that gets so bad that I bleed when I scratch. I started using your products during a stressful time in my life and saw how much is cleared up my skin.

Jamie Jacob – Seattle, WA

I have used a variety of Somebody products. The It’s About Time Serum is pretty miraculous. It helps keep skin looking plump. Another one of my favorites is the nail polish top coat called A Quickie. It helps the polish dry really fast and prevents it from chipping. My go-to manicure/pedicure color is Sumbody’s Poison Apple red with A Quickie topcoat. Perfect!

Saivya Birnbaum – Sebastopol, CA

I’ve been using the Coal Train Cleanser, Get Closure Toner, and Soothe Me Face Cream from the Clear-Up line for the past three years. I saw such a difference in my skin using the products–it’s healthy and glowing that I get compliments from strangers and my family. I don’t even use makeup anymore to cover it up. That’s how confident I am now in my complexion.

Tara Anastasi – Washington, DC

I have tried a variety of different Sumbody products and very difficult to just pick one favorite! The It’s About Time Serum has earned me the most compliments. My skin was glowing and it hydrates my skin, which is usually very dry.

Natalia Maciel – Benicia, CA

My favorite product is Milky Rich Soap. It leaves my skin silky soft and feels and smells so good, I actually look forward to a shower! I’ve ordered it and given it to friends too, and they raved about it. It’s unlike ANY other soap I’ve ever used.

Maggie Brown – Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been using Sumbody products for the last 12 years. In my daily regimen, I use the Anti-Wrinkle Face Soap and the Bright-Eyed Serum to keep my skin looking youthful and fresh. When I shower, I use my go-to favorite Milky Rich Soap to keep my skin hydrated and soft! Once a month, I rejuvenate my skin further with the Deep Sea Mud Mask. I will be 45 years old on August 7 and I still get compliments on how youthful my skin looks.

Maria T. San Juan – Castro Valley, CA

I love Rosy Glow Barely There! I’ve been using your makeup for years and get compliments on my complexion! Thanks for your wonderful products!

Emma Spillane – Sebastopol, CA

I have always battled with sensitive, dry skin and have tried almost every product out there. It wasn’t until a good friend shared her love of Sumbody, and now I am a firm believer that these are the best all natural products out there. I always get compliments on how soft and dewy my skin looks now! I love sharing Sumbody’s products with all of my friends.

Kendra Ames – Seattle, WA

I use Dew Me Easily Neroli spray every morning, and often in the afternoon because it has a refreshing and calming scent, and it helps with my facial redness. It’s become part of my daily face care routine. I have extremely sensitive skin (prone to break outs), so when I find a product that works, I use it! Thanks Sumbody for creating products that not only work, but that are created with ingredients I can identify and feel good about putting on my skin!

Heather Greer – Santa Rosa, CA