I want to let you know how deeply I appreciate your assistance and support as I recently shopped for facial care products my skin could tolerate during a mercury detox that has prevented any topical applications for nearly ten months! I am thrilled to report that I have used two of your cleansers as well as a daily moisturizer for almost a month with great success!…I LOVE your products and will be returning for more…thank you, thank you, thank you.

—Margi, Scottsdale, AZ

Just wanted to let you know that I love your products. I also think its wonderful that you always give a free offering. The Goats in the Lavender sample soap was a nice surprise. I wil continue to purchase your products online & at your Santa Barbara Store.

—Karen, San Luis Obispo, CA

I have to tell you how much I LOVE your products! I have a five year little girl that has eczema and two years ago the doctor prescribed her steroids to clear it up. I refused to put my then 2 year old on a steroid treatment. I saw your store on TV and I went into your Sebastopol store. I bought the Colloidal Oats Bath Powder, Red Hot Sugar Scrub, and the Goat Milk Soap bar. After two days of use, I could see a difference, and within two weeks, it was completely cleared up. I still give her a ‘treatment’ 2-3 times a week. She loves it.

—Andi, Santa Rosa, CA

I have been using your Palm It hard bar lotion for about six months. It was a miracle I found this because I have a skin condition in which my skin is persistently dry, rough and fish-scale appearing. I started using your hard bar lotion and it has changed my life. I use it twice a day and my skin stays moist. It’s not a cure as there is none for my condition but it really has improved the appearance and feel of my skin. I have tried all sorts of prescription and non-prescription lotions for years without this response. I should add, I’m a regular swimmer in chlorinated water and your salt scrub works miracles in removing the chlorine and smell and also helping with moisture for my legs.

—Gwen, East Bay Area, CA

[My daughter and I] were window shopping when we wandered past your [Alameda] store. The wonderful fragrances floating out the door as we passed made us pause and venture in. We soon learned that you had a day spa with massages available and made appointments for the following day. That was a fabulous experience!

Sera purchased an Insomnia Zapper to try. It really works for her when she has trouble turning off the day after long hours of classes and study. So I wanted to try it for myself. I love it too. Not only is the fragrance wonderful, I just drift off to sleep with a smile.”

—Anita, Whidbey Island, WA

My mother purchased the milk bath, soaps, and scrubs, and a bar lotion at your store. She gave the products to me as a gift and I fell in love. It’s so wonderful that the products are handmade, organic, and have the finest ingredients for your skin… Thanks so much for the integrity and value your products stand for.

—Jennifer, Los Angeles, CA

I visited your Union Street [San Francisco] store in late March. I loved the store so much, and I love the products even more. Everything that I purchased I have been so happy with; soap, bath salts, lotion. I usually don’t get excited about a product enough to even write an e-mail, but in this case my experience has been very different. In addition I love your company philosophy, your environmental conscience, and the pure ingredients.

—Lisa, Honolulu, HI

When I was in your store in Santa Barbara this weekend I bought About Face soap and a Silk Mitt and some great Shea Butter (which I use for hands and feet). You also gave me a sample of Delight Face Cream which was AMAZING. I have sold botanical skincare before, and your products were out of this world. I WANT TO ORDER MORE.

—Mary, New York, NY

I placed an order 2 days ago while on the road for work. I’m pleased and shocked to know, my package has already arrived and is waiting for me at home. I can’t wait to tear open my order and dive into a hot bath. Thank you for such SPEEDY shipping. Much appreciated!

—Brooke, Redding, CA

I received yoru products and I LOVE THEM!!!! I have spent a small fortune at cosmetic counters and have never had my skin feel so good. I have suffered from embarrassing acne most of my life, and in a few short days, the irritation, dryness and redness is GONE!!!!

—Linda, North Arlington, NJ

I’ve always considered myself a cosmetic junkie. I thought I had tried it all… I’ve been a professional in the industry for over 15 years and remember spending allowance as a kid at Macy’s in the cosmetics department being just taller than the counter. And then I found Sumbody! The best, purest, freshest, truly natural products I’ve ever used. You could really eat them! As a skin careprofessional I firmly believe ‘You are what you eat.’ With sumbody products I believe your skin is what you put on it!

—Shannon, Stockton, CA