Sumbody has been making skin beautiful since long before anybody cared about natural. They just wanted to look good – period. Results are what sumbody is about. Our CEO andfounder is a renowned skin care expert with a dedicated celebrity following, and our products are formulated for efficacy and results; designed to feed the entire sum of every person. Ours is the art of marrying science, nature, and proven results.

Standing behind every scrub, mask, and lotion, sumbody CEO, Deborah Burnes, has a tall but timely order… let’s make it pure and let’s make it work.

“People tell us everyday that they’ve tried everything on earth. But, then I ask, “Have you tried the earth itself?” Deborah says. “Things like clay, charcoal, oats… they are amazing for your skin. It’s funny; we refer to people as the salt of the earth. Skincare’s not so different. A bit of sea salt, honey, and pistachio oil, and you’ve got the recipe for one of the best things you could do for your skin.”

With hundreds of all-natural formulas, sumbody is always creating new combinations and testing new ingredients to bring our customers the best in pure skincare. We never test on animals — only on our more-than-willing employees!

sum mission

Sumbody provides our customers with all-natural, earth-friendly, pure skin care that delivers amazing results. Sumbody never uses parabens, petroleum products, animal oils, sodium laurel/laureth sulfates, or artificial preservatives, and we buy organic and locally-produced ingredients whenever we can. Sumbody believes the earth is our greatest resource. Sumbody is also extremely dedicated to numerous charity ventures. Our products are handmade, using organic, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, from renewable or sustainably harvested sources. Luxury Spa Finder magazine has lauded sumbody for our “responsibly cultivated ‘clean’ ingredients.”

From using recycled lumber in our stores to minimizing packaging waste, we are committed to being green from the inside out.

Handmade. Pure.

Sumbody is a pure skin care line priding itself on its completely chemical and preservative free, quality products. Batch-by-batch, each item is produced by hand, with attention and care, several times each year to ensure the beneficial freshness of each and every scrumptious body treat.